Linux Win Modem drivers?!
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Thread: Linux Win Modem drivers?!

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    Linux Win Modem drivers?!

    Yoyo, i really need some help here... I got a compaq persario (old school k6 p300) its a laptop.. ANYHOO. the modem is a lucent v.90 56k... redhat says "hell no.. im not touching that nor support drivers for it." so someone at school said, "hey! i think there are drivers for win modems for linux...."so i hop on to google... and nothing... so i come here, to the elite... could some of you folks help me out on finding me a winmodem driver.. or could ya just tell me "chris shut the hell up...... there is no such thing.." aite.. payce C bartholomew out.
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    you could try here for starters ..

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    Did you try or ,
    because the second one is specific for *nix users.

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