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    Unhappy Apology

    I'd just like to apologize for my latest post. I didn't realize how bad it was and I logged on to see I had lost nearly 200 AP, most of the messages telling it me was advertising. Well...it was. I screwed up and I wanted to publicly accept that and apologize for it, becuase I did break the rules and piss people off.

    The reason I did? A.) It didn't occur to me it was against the rule (stupidity)
    B.) A lot of people were interested
    C.) Stupidity again.

    So once again, I apologize sincerely.

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    Its good that you admit a mistake when you have made one. Im sure that you still have many chances to get along well on AO. Dont let the APs mess things up for you too much. Just be carefull of what you post in the future. For my side your apologies are accepted. Dunno bout the rest though. Give it a shot here, and see how things turn out. Good luck to you.

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    um, i dont think you can loose that many AP's on one post. i think you can only loose 50 Ap's before the post goes suicidal, but dont hold me to that number.

    maybe you lost Ap's for other posts??

    anyways, apology accepted, but just dont do it again, once is acceptable, twice is unreasonable, and thrice is deliberate. i almost guarantee that the AO comunity will not be as accepting next time something bad happens.

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    um, i dont think you can loose that many AP's on one post. i think you can only loose 50 Ap's before the post goes suicidal
    Thats not exactly true, as if a post(s) in the same thread has positive AP's then the AP's balance out and therefore the inital 'bad' post can get hit big time with negs!

    Anyways, it takes balls to own up and apologise ^Mobius^, so more power to you!


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    Welcome to the Slug Club,

    We all learn from mistakes

    Also these might help:-




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    Hey stuff happens right? As long as in the future you are a bit more careful with what you post, then you shold be good. Plus who knows, you might make a few good posts that really "WOW" a lot of people and could totally jump back. The AP points, as everyone has said, is not something to worry about. Relax and learn!

    And don't worry, as long as you admit when you're wrong (as you've done), I think a lot of people here will be forgiving. Remember we are not the harsh bad ass "hackers" that are out to make someone run to a cornor and cry. We are a community of sharing, with some basic rules.
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