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Thread: WWE Unforgiven Line Up

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    WWE Unforgiven Line Up

    I think what we should do re the current conflict situation is to get Vince Mcmann to sign up

    A. George Bush
    B. Tony Blair
    c. Saddam Husein
    D. Bin Laden

    Then at WWE Unforgiven they could have a tables ladders and chairs match or something.

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    Hmm well as it has been years since i watched wrestling and when i heard of wwe i thought it was fake..

    Anyway since it is all fake i think the outcome will be north korea.. as noone gives a damn about them.

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    I remember 98 WWF and WCW wrestling, it was good, now its crap

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    I would love to see all four of them in a cage match with chairs and ladders but my moneys on saddam to send a clone with a bomb strapped to his chest and osama wouldnt come out of his cave anyway....oh and btw the way you can KNOW wrestling is fake is the Nevada State Gambling Commission does not allow bettin on wrestling.. they allow all other sports
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