Hello Englishgirl

So here's the appeal: u need some more ammunition. you would like to know exactly what it is that ticks us off about security.

Well it's like this we put blood into our systems , There is no logical reason for anyone to be disrespectful towards anyone else's system unprovoked.

U can steal a persons money but not the tools they make the money with.
Anyway, the main reason for u being here is to learn a bit more about the technical side of security but also to pick up new ideas for research.

Much of this is mind-blowing boring to all but the most hardcore techies, but u think its worthwhile because if u can solve some of the shared problems it frees up time to do more interesting things.

To give you an example:
U might want to research the bios attack no matter how good ur honeybox or chastity belt is ur bios is still vulnerable.

So u can engage ur brain into something productive. As you can see I am mentally stimulating u at the moment.

U have the ammo now find the gun it fits.

Anyway you're quest has begun, happy to stimulate u at this moment. of course you can share whatever u learn providing it don't cause a rash.

So how do u want to tick me off ?