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Thread: My Security Bookmarks

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    My Security Bookmarks

    Over time here at AO and through random exposure to security issues, I have compiled a pretty extensive list of bookmarked security related sites. Some of which have appeared here either in my threads or through other member's threads. Anyways, I figured a nice 'defraging' of threads scattered about might help some new members (who haven't read all the archived threads) and anyone else for that matter. SO I made of list of the links I enjoyed the most and here they are:

    Agnitum's Firewall Compare
    Common Vunerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Website
    Firewall.Com (a site dedicated to firewalls)
    WebAttack.Com (great website for freeware and lots of other stuff)
    Browser Spy (website dedicated to testing for vunerabilities)
    Home PC Firewall Guide (a site loaded with helpful links)
    Info Online Security and Privacy Tests (one of my favorites - links to all kinds of security testing)
    Internet Storm Center (need I say more)
    PCFlank (great site for security testing and firewall rulesets)
    Security Focus Online (another great security website)
    Task List Program (another favorite - a site that explains many running tasks on your computer)

    Check them out, you may have some -or all- already bookmarked. If you have any other good sites that I missed or have forgotten from other threads or your own bookmarks, add them on as other members are always looking for helpful security sites.
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    Another good one for Windows Sys Admins is http://securityadmin.info/ .

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    You forgot www.securityspace.com too. This site runs nessus, and if you register, you can have a full nessus scan carried out on your IP address. Be warned though, it takes time, and can crash your PC if it's vulnerable to some of the DoS tests. I should mention though, that if you want the full details of any serious problems discovered, they'll charge you for the results. You get full details for minor problems though.

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