Hey all,

i have finally figured out how to setup a server on my comp and setup a subdomain which then will auto detect me dynamic Ip address and re-direct it to the right place.

okay, now heres the next step.

i want to place in a java applet similar to the one used on irc.antionline.com it will be used as the same purpose, people to chat. but they will only be local friends ect.

i am using frontpage 2002/XP and i can insert a java applet but it requires fields that i have no-idea about what to put in them. for example;

applet base, applet source url ect.

i want to know what i need to put in these fields and how to make it run. if anyone has a tut that would be really useful.

ive googled around but i cant find what im looking for. maybe im not using the right words.

all i want is just a chat java so that we can talk and i can bring people that dont have msn messenger and stuff like that.