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    security texts

    im planning on writing some texts on computer security that address the problems that true users actually face. U see too many faqs and texts out there that deal with absolutely nothing usefull, so i plan to write some usefull security texts, so here is the challenge that i set to all of U. post the questions, issues, and problems that U have with security. What do U most have security problems with? what are the absolute stumpers that absolutely no1 knows? i want the best questions and info i can get so i can see what i need to write these documents the best i can. Come on antionline give us the best U have, considering U are some of the best there are.

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    Something that would be usefull to me would be the answer on the best way to set up a firewall using tcp/ip wrappers. How to set up the host allow and host deny files. And how to set up a nice secure network with linux using samba.
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