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Thread: Kiss your BIOS goodbye??

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    Kiss your BIOS goodbye??

    It seems that the experts are now predicting the demise of BIOS as we know it. Take a look here and here to get a glimpse of the future as they see it. All in all it sounds like a good concept to me, but I can't help but wonder about a computer with the ability to connect to a network before the OS boots....any thoughts on potential security risks out there?

    [edit] Upon further reflection I have to ask in reference to the Pheonix product is this actually a chip based OS? [/edit]
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    id so go with it if they are going to offer a flashable chip that can be changed easily to provide more functionality. However, i couldnt see it as much of a security risk unless someone forces the box to reboot, and connects to the "network" through that, otherwise, itd be almost impossible or at least very improbable for them to catch the user between reboots. Unless of course, the chips only function is to connect after a cold boot? Sounds very complicated to me, and doesnt sound very close to the near future..... scary how technology grows.. im just waiting for the end of programming as we know it.. soon enough, people wont need programmers and they will be out of a job.. because all the tools will be written to insert code and design stuff without actual programming.. thats way in the future, but coders are already doing voice recognition softrware for the normal user. or have been for years but it is now on the rise. nice post allenb.. scary stuff once again.

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    any security risk is forseeable and therefore, not likely. I was having a conversation with a classmate the other week about the future of computers, it started with fiberoptic buses and ended up somewhere around this particular idea. I said that it is likely that hard disks will be phased out in the future, and eventually the internet would become everyone's hard disk, having gotten faster. And people would stop thinking of computers as "theirs" computers would all be basically the same, and would include firmware that would load an operating system into memory, connect to the internet, and run all programs and files from there. interesting idea, eh?
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    Man, you are NOT taking my box...I lub it and ti's Dual-BIOS system :P, some how I don't think the Harddrive will be phased out, because that means that secure data can no longer be stored, how ever....they will prolyl be used alot less...only for storing your personl data and such...I dono....guess we'll just have to see, but I really hope that all computers wont end up the same, I like having a custom built computer...

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    it sounds like a very cool idea, however im wondering if say they put this out in....2005, then if it was a succesful product and all was well if it wouldnt become the new jumping pad for TCPA? i dunno, just a thought but really i have no complaints with BIOS...i've used it many times and so if this wasnt a product that ever hit the shelves i cant say i would be tore up about it.
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