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Thread: Reversing Code

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    Reversing Code

    Ok yes i am a total newbie and this maybe a stupid question but i shall ask it anyhow.

    I am finding it very hard to find tutorials on how to crack a programs code. I would like to know if you can reverse a program to its original code eg. C++ . I have a program that i would like to change a few things in but i can only change it to hex using windasm from the information i have found so far. Is there a program to do such things ???

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    I support open-source but I don't think 'I want to crack' is a nice way of posting this. Im sure if you use http://www.google.com you'll find a few decompilers for C++ but the advantage of things like hex is alot of times you don't have to worry about what language it was originally writen in...

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    Maybe http://protools.cjb.net/ will help you. That site is really awesome

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    hhmmm C++, i am new on it ... perhaps you can visit http://support.microsoft.com/default...aq/vc60faq.asp .

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    u cracked the joke of the year shadow...

    recommending someone to microsoft on C++ hehe haha

    i heard once that its pretty difficult (let me emphasis more on pretty) difficult to decompile a c code perfectly (it seems our freind crack is looking for something as cool(naive) as DjDcompiler for java).... if u get successful plz do inform me about the method....we all would like that
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