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    Angry Math Problem

    Math problem unsolvable, and tomorrow's mah exam.
    I posted this a while ago, and it came under some other users name, so deleted it and now :

    | a^2 a^2-(b-c)^2 bc |
    | b^2 b^2-(c-a)^2 ca |
    | c^2 c^2-(a-b)^2 ab|

    It has be solved without expanding and with matrices.
    Yelp Yelp, exam tomorrow !

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    listen up buddy, aint go no time to give a complete solution now.
    I'm sure you know some of it, so i'll just tell ya in text.
    btw, this is the wrong website to post math problems.
    The solution :

    From row2, make it two matrices.
    The first matrix should go off because of two similiar rows.

    Now the second one looks like this :

    | a^2 -(b-c)^2 bc |
    | b^2 -(c-a)^2 ca |
    | c^2 -(a-b)^2 ab |

    Apply C2 -> C1+C2+ 2* C3

    Now row two has similiar values, expand through C12 and solve.
    This is most probably right, considering what i know.


    Edit : i posted the solution once, thought it was wrong, here is a small edit.
    Edit 1 : Assuming a^2, means a square, and C1 means column1 etc.
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    lol you make it sound very simple

    Thank you anyway.

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    Determinants normally dont post much of a problem.
    Keep in mind, that :

    1. Look at the To Prove, and try to make it simpler by going behind 2 steps.
    2. Look at the given equation and try to go ahead 2-3 steps.

    That normally solves it all.
    Otherwise, just keep simplifying it as much as ya can, and try different permutations, and you shall be able to solve it.

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