Hey All,

I came across this .. Im not sure how many of you or if any of you for that fact have to work with or have experiance Windblows servers, is this a step in the right direction or just more of the same "security talk" from M$?
Isnt the .NET framework insecure itself ?

In a continuation of its strategy to tighten security for its software products, Microsoft Friday unveiled a new technology for Windows Server 2003 that will help organizations better secure such confidential documents as financial reports.

Designating rights for who can access what has become increasinly important following a year drenched in corporate scandals. The Redmond, Wash. software maker thinks it has just the ticket in Windows Rights Management Services (RMS), an ASP.NET Web service built on the Microsoft .NET Framework to work with applications to provide policy rights for Web content and sensitive corporate reports.
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