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    Question File Download Question

    O.K. hopefully as you see that I am a Newbie, maybe someone will cut me some slack and put up with my dumb question

    I want to have people download small powerpoint presentations from my web page ... what is the HTTP command / code line that I should use? Also, is there any additional lines that I should add to ensure that people don't browse or play with my ftp space?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Try this out. If the presentation is called mypresentation.ppt

    My Presentation

    I'm not really sure what you mean by the second question. In what way do you mean "access or play"?
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    As long as you have an index.html file, then the people visiting your site won't get an ftp connection to your site space. (also ensure that any link to a directory has the appropriate html file too)

    If you want the powerpoint presentation to be seen on your site (as a slide show)
    See this link for the process: (Link)
    (Too lazy to write it out and the link has nice pictures )

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    Everything said thus far is right. Put an index.htm file in the folder that contains the presentation and people won't be able to "browse" through the folder. If you would like to take this one step further and actually hide the location of the file alltogether, check out these links:

    http://www.xefteri.com/articles/may082002/default.aspx (this site says the same thing, but I didn't find until after my post)

    Good luck!
    Mike Reilly

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