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Thread: Taking Cobol and Visual Basic

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    Taking Cobol and Visual Basic

    To finish my Associates degree in programming this summer, I need to take Cobol I and II and Visual Basic.

    My knowledge of the two is this. Cobol is on its way out, and Visual Basic is pretty easy to write stuff in, thus alot of the virus that we get.

    Can anyone give me some input on learning these languages and possibly using them in the Linux world. For example, learning Visual Basic, could help me with QT, correct?


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    it could, but not really. the only thing it would do is give you a good basis for gui programming. however cobol and visual basic together are almost as powerful as a gnat. the only reason there are so many virii in visual basic is because of the use of gui's and the ease of getting users to install the virus's like that. I'd take those classes just to get your degree, but i wouldnt in any sense use them after college. If you are really into gui programming look into gtk+

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