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Thread: How can I "get" Ip adresses?

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    Question How can I "get" Ip adresses?

    Hey Guys,
    I was just wondering, in order to hack you require an ip right?? Cuz you gotta know where the box you wanna get into is, right???

    So I was wondering... Are there any "tried and true" methods of getting ip's?? Or are the any programs that can do it for me ???

    Thanks for the input

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    dude please before this thread goes suicidal delete it, look at such threads as tygerclaws, korpdeath's, instronics,dark raider,and avdven's those are just a few of the guys that i pay close attention to when i want to learn.im not flamin i just dont want to see you get off to a bad start. besides never underestimate the power of a google search take it easy.
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    This is a security site, we do not provide the information you are asking for. I strongly urge you to delete this post before it quickly turns negitive.

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    perhaps you should check that thread out, internet protocol addresses are in layer three of the model. read up on exactly what an ip address is and what it is used for.
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    FAQ FAQ FAQ!!!
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    Well its clear that you don't want to really learn anything otherwize you'd be reading a few networking books then you'd give up on becomeing a 'l33t' !!!LAMER!!!

    List of some ways to get a IP that even hopeless losers like you can do:

    1) Join ICQ... if you don't know what to do after that then may god have pity on you

    2) Find someone stupider than you (if possable) then tell them to go to DOS and type IPconfig or some netstat command then tell 'em to give you the little numbers inside of the little black area of the screen

    3) Download a pre-coded and pre-compiled tool cause your so lame your willing to try anything.

    4) And of course one of my fav. is playing on my own Clients, connecting to my own servers, nodes, & (ect) but Number 4 would be to complex for you though right? So far you've learned what "IP" is from sub7, infector, and back orfice but you can do a heck of alot more with yourself by droping the lame bullcrap and go read and play with your on comp instead of attempting to mess with someone else's....

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