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Thread: Secret windows files

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    Secret windows files

    Has anyone else heard of this? What does everyone think of the subject?
    As far as I am concerned, i think things like this should be illegal. Could microsoft be involed in some kind of international scam of sorts?
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    I think this has been brought up before (I think I remember reading a similar post a few months ago). Anyway, we all know that Microsoft has files which they claim to get rid of, but they really don't. It's their idea of trying to keep things running efficiently on your computer. It's nothing to really be concerned about, though. Newer versions of Microsoft OSs (Windows 2000, XP) are more efficient in clearing out such files, and while there are still some files and folders which they don't want you to see, Folder Options allows you to unhide nearly everything.


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    Yeah i posted about this about 3months ago and found it had alredy been posted twice already. but i agree it should be illegal for breching privacy. because why else would they be keeping stuffon there. even if *they* dont get it other people can and that could be dangerous.

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    Thats scary!!! :O Isn't it illegal though.... You know.. INVADING SOMEONE's PRIVACY!!! It sux that some people think that they are above the law.... and that they can get away with anything...Sad thing is.... gates probably could get away with it even if it was deamed "illegal to monitor an entities system without their knowledge"... But whats the chance of that???

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