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Thread: Which OS are you..??

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    Which OS are you..??

    Take this quiz to find out which OS most matches your personality. You need to answer all the questions to get an accurate result.
    Check out this link

    It's fun
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    Oh my gosh! I was laughing SO hard.....the shower question? I really am sitting here literally dripping...that was almost too much!! Great quiz, but they really need a girl's version!

    My results:

    You are HP-UX
    You're still strong despite the
    passage of time. Though few
    understand you, those who do
    love you deeply and appreciate you.

    Heehee...not quite sure how to take that!


    You guys have to read these possible outcomes....they are hilarious!!!!

    Possible outcomes.

    Go Finland!
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    That was pretty cool... I guess. Got me away from homework for 45sec.

    EDIT: I messed up my first time...

    I got Slackware Linux

    You are the brightest among your
    peers, but you are often mistaken as
    insane. Your elegant solutions to prob-
    lems often take a little longer, but
    require much less effort to complete.
    How tru they are...

    Quitmzilla is a firefox extension that gives you stats on how long you have quit smoking, how much money you\'ve saved, how much you haven\'t smoked and recent milestones. Very helpful for people who quit smoking and used to smoke at their computers... Helps out with the urges.

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    I'm OS X, according to the quiz.
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    i like mathgirl am an hp-ux also... i do agree with the fact that noone understands me ohh well entertained me for a bit
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    You are Debian Linux

    People have difficulty getting
    to know you. Once you finally
    open your shell they're apt to
    love you.

    I wanted Windows 2000

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    aww shucks

    ARGGG I'm OS X. I've never, ever been a mac fan. Why, God, why? I wanted to be OpenBSD!!! Thanks for the quiz, it's hysterical. I'm going back to take it a few more times...

    Have you filled out an ID-10-T or PEBKAK form lately?

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    Interesting test.

    My result:
    You are Windows XP
    Under your bright and cheery exterior is a strong and stable personality.
    You have a tendency to do more than what is asked or even desired.
    Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.-Reaper Man

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    funny post

    My result:

    You are Amiga OS
    Ahead of your time. You keep
    alot of balls in the air. If only your
    parents had given you more opportunities to succeed


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    <a href="">
    Which OS are You?</a>

    whoops I guess html codes does not work
    anyways I am windows 95

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