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Thread: Redhat 8 keyboard shortcuts

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    Redhat 8 keyboard shortcuts

    hey people gotta question.

    Ive been using Rh6.2 and RH7.2 on most of my machines. However a while ago
    i upgraded to RH8.0. There is one thing that is really annoying me.
    How do you run a command with a keyboard shorcut. For example on my other machines i press
    Crt-T and a terminal pops up. As far as I know this cannot be done in RH8. The best I can do is assign a shortcut to the run program dialog. Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I missing something. Another thing i could not find is the setting that would allow me to press my mouse against the edge of the desktop in order to switch to the next desktop. Why would Redhat not include these options? It seems like a step backward for me

    Thanks for the help


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    All Unix flavours are considered to be originated in a terminal environment and most users are proficient using keyboard and personally, it would be quick to use keyboard than mouse. Only the newbiew to computers find the mouse a fancy thing. The need is to do the job quickly and efficiently. I saw the lack of shortcut keys in other distributons as well. I can't even configure a mouse in mandrake 8.2 from the administrative panel as there are no shortcuts(May be i don't know how to configure a mouse from a terminal window). But its actually irritating and if Linux(Any distro) has to get wide acceptance, rather than providing many other heavy stuff, it should provide the basic functionalities.
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