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Thread: Slow boot up

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    Slow boot up

    my Pc boots up very slowly...it was ok in the begining& this is a new development....it's a 1.7ghz athlon,512 ddr ram...need help to rectify this other than by reinstalling....my op is Win2K....even the shut down is damn slow...!!!!

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    do your PC in a network LAN ? please specify your question ? sometimes PC could work so slow with many things of problem :

    1. corruption files
    2. bad network
    3. too many files in your HDD
    4. etc

    please check these out .. and if it still runs slow ? you may backup your files to another disk and format it. Reinstall the windows

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    if you're using win2k, it will most likely be some of the 'services' that are causing the slowdown, i had 2k on mine a while back and had exactly the same problem, i managed to cure it by disabling the dhcp and dns client services and any other services that i know i wouldnt need, everything was fine after doing this

    also if youre not sure how to do this, the services 'console' can be access through computer management, i think thats in control panel somewhere, if youre not sure on what something does i wouldnt disable it as i did a few too many services and screwed up the system and had to format, so be very careful with the services...
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    Could also be crap in your system startup..

    You could use REGEDIT.. and dig to this spot (REMEMBER TO BACKUP the registry incase you stuff it up)


    You could list what you find in these keys and we could help you out as to what to keep or remove..

    You do need to know what the progs are that are listed here.. If you are not confident editing the registry.. then you need to hunt down the MSCONFIG for Win2k.. I can't find the url here - I remember a comment of copying it from winXP.. pse don't quote me here..

    heck you could even chuck Ad-aware or Spybot S&D into the mess to see what you come up with..

    Certainly follow mrleachy's advice..

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    Check to see if you have any networkcards configured for dhcp. If there is no dhcp server on your network it can take some for windows to figure this out. Just configure your network adapter with a bogus ip adres (like
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    Do you defragment your HDD regularly. May be the fragmentation can cause a little bit of slow down , but not much.
    Try defrag your HDDs
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    You could go here go to the downloads section and look for regsitry utilities. There are some that help clean your registry therefore reducing boot time.

    hope this helps

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    I would go for removing all trash from your box first.
    Empty cookies, history, temp, temporary internet files, shortcuts on your desktop you don't use. Uninstall proggies you don't use and the Windows components you don't use.
    As mentioned check the HKLM key in the registry and remove unneccessary pointers from there.
    Remove unnecesary files from you root drive (mostly c).
    If you have multiple partions label them.
    Open up services.msc and remove all the services you don't use (indexing service and more).
    After you have done all this empty the recycle bin, run chkdsk and defragment your drive.

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