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Thread: Weird problem

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    Weird problem

    Hi guys,
    I am experiencing a weird problem and really do not know how to deduce this. Hope u guys could bring out some sense out of this for me. Ok the problem, I had just helped one of my friends pc. The config is P200Mhz, 32 mb ram on a IBM aptiva Split system. It was running win95. He does not have the resources to purchase a new pc and is still stuck with it. However he had recently purchased a new printer and it was giving a problem since (as i think) the driver was not compatible with the win95 OS. So he wanted me to changed his os into win98. The max i could go was to pump up his ram to another 32 and loaded win98 for him . I did had a problem for his old modem driver which was and AT&T win modem (internal). However managed to load everything for him and it works fine with the printing. Now a new problem has crept up. His home phone line is being shared with the computer for his internet access, hence either the phone or the modem has to be in use. Now whenever the phone rings he claims his PC is booting up!!!. I really do not know how this is happending. I had tested the scene myself and it does. how could this be possible. the pc is not on at all but the power to the pc is left on. Could there be a setting i am not seeing. Would appreciate your expertise on this, guys,
    Thanks in advance

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    Go into the BIOS by pressing Del or whatever it is for your bios on startup (after the memory check). Then go into the following menus: Power Management -> Wake up Events - > "Wake up on LAN/Ring". Set Wake up on LAN/Ring to Disabled. The menus/exect wording might be different for your BIOS, so you might have to hunt around a little.

    Note: Do NOT mess with your BIOS if you don't know what you're doing. You can seriously **** your system up.
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