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Thread: bonzi buddy help

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    bonzi buddy help

    i just got one of those bonzi buddys its pretty cool but i cant seem to get the entertainment center to work or the bonzi buddy e mail, if n e one could help me out i would greatly appreciate it thank you.

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    This is a forum to provide a place for discussion for issues regarding computer security. The only reason I'm going to reply to your question is that BonziBuddy is spyware that may compromise your computer's security, and definately compromises your privacy. Spyware is software that the maker can use see various information about what websites you visit as well as the contents of your computer. This is bad. Avoid spyware at any cost. Uninstall BonziBuddy, Gator, and any other software like that on your computer. Even better, get a good utility to do that for these and thousands of other kinds of spyware called Ad-Aware. It can be downloaded from here:

    Use this to scan and clean your computer.
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    Also you can use Spyware Search and Destroy to completely take out all of the registry keys and other junk that the Bonzi buddy and Gator leave on your computer. Also its free!

    http://spybot.eon.net.au/ For Spyware Search and Destroy
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    Yeah I hate how alkmost all sites these days seem to have BonziBuddy, Gator, and any other software like that on their site that you get hit with to install. It's stupid, I know I've made the mistake of doing that a couple of times because my mouse auto positions itself ontop of the "active" button on any dialog box.

    There should be a law about it or something, seriously. That web sites can't have all that crap popping up when they know all it is... is spyware. The only "plugins" that should pop up for you to download should be stuff like Flash, Shockwave, plugins that are needed to drive the actual web site! Then just put the links on the site for this other crap.

    Of course no one would do that, because then no one would really have spyware. I wonder though if Norton or someone will start putting some sort of program like Ad Aware inside it's antivirus to keep all this BS stuff from being installed on a computer? That's what needs to happen, because very computer comes with a virus scanner installed now.

    <-- is wondering if he should call all the Anti virus companies right now before someone steals his idea. LOL
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    yes edgeraven, listen to these guys, whilst the little purple monkey can be cute, remember, he is very evil! Please, uninstall him and his evil playmates. . Where I work, many teachers accidentally install it, and it really messes up the system. .

    Let me propose a question to ponder. . .Bonzaii Buddy usually advertises itself by putting itself on other webpages as a Windows Dialoge Box with some warning like "YOUR COMPUTER IS TOO SLOW" or "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" when the user clicks (what looks like) The X to close the box, it infests the system.

    now, let me propose another question. . .would a decent program ever have to resort to scare tactics to get most users to install it?

    BTW. .when I say most users, I am referring to those I have seen...personally my teachers where I work, I am not implying such user status on you!
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