Cryptographic file systems
ECFS stuff

For a project for CS 262A, the graduate systems course, Monica Chew, Chris Wells, and I built an encrypting file systems called ECFS. You can read our class paper or look at the slides from our poster if you want a better idea about the project. You might also be interested in the slides from a talk I gave at the Winter 2000 IRAM/ISTORE/OceanStore on issues in protecting file metadata. The issues we encountered while developing ECFS are particularly relevant to the OceanStore project.
Research systems

* Extended Cryptographic File System
* CFS - Cryptographic Filesystem
* TCFS - Transparent Cryptographic File System
* NASD - Network Attached Secure Disks
* User Level Truffles - secure WAN file sharing under Ficus
* CryptFS - A Stackable Vnode Level Encryption Filesystem
* SFS - Secure Filesystem
* StegFS - A Steganographic Filesystem

Volume encryption systems

* Loopback Encrypted Filesystem HOWTO
* Encrypted Home Directory Patch
* PPDD - Practical Private Disk Driver
* BestCrypt - A commercial virtual crypto disk
* Virtual Private Disk - A commercial crypto filesystem layer
* SFS - Secure Filesystem (Win/DOS volume encryption)
* SecureDrive - Another Win/DOS volume encryptor
* Scramdisk - Encrypting / steganographic Win/DOS virtual volume
* PGPDisk

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