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    A bit of a rant but I was watching CNN awhile back and U.S. troops have been ordered to drop bags of postcards and things with writeing saying how much iraq's goverment is "evil". The goverment is expanding to 'cyber-warfair' by paying peaple to do lame script-kiddie stuff such as SMS bombing phones in iraq and heavly spaming e-mail systems with messages that basicly say "my country is better than yours". LMAO I wonder if they even bothered translating the messages on the cards and e-mails. Meanwhile large companies plan on makeing more of those lame banners with sound so that the peaple who are annoyed by spam will actually be forced to listen to what these peaple are spaming

    Yet the next news story was about a lady who made a snowman with big boobs then she was arrested for it. All that spam & SMS/mail bombs are being done yet this one little snowman with large disfiguerd boobs is to much for public's eyes to handle while nearly 50% of the WWW is porn and CNN covers most of the real violence on TV everyday.

    Yeah.... Snowman inspectors. LMAO This is a clear sign of how much 'freedom' the peaple of iraq will get once Bush tries to replace Saddam with another leader and turn iraq into a dictatorship.

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    dude, thats f--ked up, but i couldnt agree with you more. as long as its in the country's "best intrest" its ok but the ppl that live in that country have no say , and are more concerned with trivial **** like that, when the real issue is the ppl who run the country...... but its not right to talk bad about your country, however f--ked up its prioriteis are so ppl just look the other way, sad but true.
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