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Thread: Oldies but goodies..

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    Post Oldies but goodies..

    A quick note to a lot of people out there..

    Go through your system root folder, whatever it may be, and check out all the cool little toys that are hidden away in there. Looking in my XP box, I found a lot of useful stuff

    I found ways to enable java debugging, advanced disk management, desktop manager(*NOT* the one under display), task manager (*NOT* The Ctrl-Alt-Del TM), file manager (*NOT* Explorer), and a ton of other things, most from 3.11 and Win95, but still really useful.

    I don't know what everyone else can find in their folders, but go through them, and have a look around. Just because the tools are old, doesn't mean they aren't useful.

    What sort of goodies can you all find hidden away?

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    My favorite tools that are "hidden away" are the ones from the win2k resource disk. It also works on XP. There are some really good utilities on there and they are VERY useful when scritping. The .net admin tools for .net/2k servers are great too.

    There are several that are good on the OS, but I think the best one come from systernals and the resource disk, amongst other locations. I love a good command line utility that I can add to a script.

    It makes my job that much easier.
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