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Thread: Access_violation (c0000005)

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    Access_violation (c0000005)

    i bought a new motherboard the other day for my amd xp 2100+ and since i installed it i continue to get errors especially the [ access_violation (c0000005) ] when i play diablo 2 and other errors when i play other games and random rebooting while using the os. i have tried reinstalling the os (windows xp) and i never had any problems before i got the new motherboard. does any one have any suggestions how i can fix this error? any help would be excellent!!

    it is a gigabyte 7vaxp motherboard
    a geforce 4 ti 4400 video card
    and a sound blaster live sound card.

    are the errors hardware?

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    Not to be obvious but if the only delta in your equation is the mainboard then that'd be my first victim, if you know what I mean... Trouble is I don't how you configured the mainboard in the first place. The root of your problem, by what you describe, sounds like memory; but all ill-configured mainboards can give those symptoms.

    My advice, if you've checked and double checked the mainboard settings and you're using all known good parts (other than your new mainboard) replace the mainboard. Plain and simple. Just return it and get another.

    Anyway, my 2 cents.
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    The root of your problem, by what you describe, sounds like memory; but all ill-configured mainboards can give those symptoms.
    I'm thinking memory. I've seen different types of memory cause a problems.
    Try swapping memory if you have some extra.

    But if you didn't add more memory... I'd check out the mobo first like korp suggested.

    I was just looking more into it... check out this link.

    GameSpy: Well, to start off, it's not a Win98 problem because I've seen it in Win2k and ME. I would normally say make sure your drivers are all updated, but seems like a lot of people have this problem regardless (still update them anyway if you haven't). From what I have found there is no definite solution, some people say heat, I found one person who said, "I mistakenly installed the detonator driver straight over the top of my existing drivers.

    As was later pointed out to me, this a classic no-no. After of week of access violations (around 3 crashes per night) I did the proper installation of the new detonator drivers by first selecting stock standard generic VGA drivers and rebooting, then installing the detonator drivers and rebooting again. My access violation problems went away immediately.

    Sadly in the wonderful world of Windows there are several causes of access violations so the above may not work for you. Good luck!" I've seen the problem with Matrox and 3dfx cards also. Some people claim it's heat and have been able to fix it with better cooling. One common tip I can give you is that if you are running in "hardware mode," try running changing to "software mode" and see if you have the same problem.

    It seems like Blizzard hasn't been able to lock down the problem either. Best advice is to, try all the tips mentioned above, harass Blizzard until they fix the problem, and follow any Diablo newsgroups. Odds are there is always someone in a newsgroup who has had the same problem and they will sometimes find solutions faster than the game makers. Good luck with Diablo, at least it's not EverCrack..the game that has stolen so many of our loved ones.
    Looks like they have plenty of people with this problem if you check out this google link.

    The general consensus is to make sure you have the latest drivers and plenty of cooling inside your case. DiabloII has a new patch out for the game too. Install the patches and driver updates to see if that resolves your problem.
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    I get a lot of those c0000005 Access Violation at random too with stuff I compile on windows (with VisualC++6 that is)..

    mostly the couse is a operation on a NULL pointer !!

    did you check for updates on Diablo 2 for XP ( does that even work ?? )
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    Are you running or tried running with the default BIOS settings?
    (had some bloody funny problems with the VRXP mobos when the TI4200/4600 and the SB-live were installed together, with funny BIOS settings.. WinXP/Win9x and Win2k
    How many MEmory sticks are you using? compatability between memory sticks is a problem.. also have had some cheep DDR stick cause some annoying problems..(cheap built, not cheap purchased)

    but most of this was already covered by phishphreek80 and the_JinX, not to forget KorpDeath
    see how ya go

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    Basically repeating everyone, I would go with trying to set your BIOS defaults first, then trying your system with just a video card and keyboard (of course with a monitor hooked up).

    Here's a thought while I'm looking at this, the motherboard has onboard audio right... did you ever disable that in BIOS before reinstalling Windows after adding your Sound Blaster LIVE? The reason I ask is, with my MSI board I had to disable the onboard audio or I got some really weird errors and stability problems myself. And the thing was even after I did that, I still had to have a clean format to get ride of all the driver and software crap that was left behind from my onboard sound. The system works fine now.
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    Try using a debugger: OllyDBG. It can register itself to popup when such errors occur... Maybe it can help you

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