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Thread: defacing sites is there a sure way of doing so

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    Lightbulb defacing sites is there a sure way of doing so

    hi i wanna tell everyone that i am only a newbie trying to find a few latest techniques and all i find is some stupid way of hacking a site which won't work on 90% of sites say we take an example of IIS there were ways of hacking it a few days back like code red worm and buffer overflow which allowed user to deface any site.

    but it seems that microsoft has got a patch to this problem which is easily available but still
    people are being able to deface site some of which are very professional sites.what is the reason for that.Is there some way through hacking gurus can hack any site running on IIS4/5?
    or there is nothing like hacking guru they are all jerks with nothing else to do but to try some things out .
    if anyone has any important information please reply.

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    Yes, what you have to do, is

    1. First change your nick. Call yourself something like c001D00D.
    2. Get a name of a crew (even if it's just you), the "1337 0wn3rz"
    3. Get a random cause, say "Free Palestine" or "Chinese rul3z"
    4. Go and plaster innocent if rather insecure sites with pages with red flashing copies of 1-3

    No - seriously

    1. If there was such a way, it would have been patched.
    2. If there was a leet 0-day exploit, who'd want to tell you, loser?
    3. You are lame
    4. Defacing is so lame
    5. I wouldn't bother coming back to AO again, you are about to be banned.

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    I told you before on irc, and i will say the same thing to you now regarding your question.

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    lol @ ajit

    I wanna give ya a couple of hints:

    1. Delete ths post
    2. Finish school (any school)
    3. Learn to create a website of your own
    4. Remember never to ask stupid questions on this website ever again...
    5. Deface the site you created in step 3. (ya got the password)

    And if you realy want to continue this..

    1. Learn about exploits ( http://www.securityfocus.com/ or http://www.antionline.com )
    2. Look for a exploitable server (unpatched etc)
    3. Use what you have learned
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    quality post jinx, i feel that what hes trying to do is not excepted at this site, as this is prevention not agression.

    create your own server first though, then try to play with it

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    Here's a server that you can play with...... It'll be fun for you and should be pretty easy to get into......

    The IP is

    Feel free to break anything you can..... I'll be watching to see how you go about it and I'll give you a few pointers along the way

    It's..... Playtime.....
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
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    I think you need to make up your mind, here ajit:

    i know that i can be a good network security guru
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