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    Hay all I'm a newbie and I wanted to know if anyone can help me learn to program and hack.

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    Helo Cole.

    Please go and read the newbies FAQ. This is not a hacking site. This is a security related site about how to secure your computers. For programming i recomend you browse through our tutorials forum and look at what we have there so far. We will try to help you in your programming needs, but we will NOT help you learn how to hack. Read the FAQ and the sites rules. Since this is your first post (as i can see), i recomend you delete it and make a post inside the "roll call" section introducing yourself. And never ever ask again how to hack.

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    Cole word of advice, if you go around talking about "hacking" in the negative sense of the word... how to hack... where to learn how to hack... any thing like that. You will end up being banned from this site.

    AO is for admins and people who want to discuss security issues, and how to fix them. Not what are the new security holes and how to break through them.

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