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Thread: Fear holds back Linux adoption

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    Fear holds back Linux adoption

    Didn't see it posted yet, so here goes..

    read the article here

    Technical and support fears are holding back enterprise adoption of Linux, according to AMR Research.

    The analyst's Linux: Creeping into the Enterprise report suggested that companies perceive Linux as still not suited to mission-critical applications.
    Luckily the company I work for has all servers (including samba as NT Domain controlers) on linux...

    That makes us an early adopter. It does according to this article !!
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    I dont believe thats the overall case at all.

    Netcraft www server survey
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    Well right now MicroSoft is gunning for the Linux core market - virtual servers on Mainframe systems, such as IBM E-servers. This is evidenced by their purchase of Connectix, the makers of VirtualPC.

    You can take a peak at this here:
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