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Thread: Cell Phone Codes

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    yes hyperthread I have a suggestion for you... instead of blindly following whatever anyone tells you to do, try performing a search on google using intelligent search terms - you may come up with some useful info e.g. that typing in *#639# only allows you to change the NAM (service programming code) for Nokia 61xx and 32xx. Now I'm the first to admit I know nothing about this kinda stuff so I googled on the NAM... and well... put it this way it doesn't look like stuff you wanna f**k around with cos it looks really easy to bust ya phone this way - as I suspect you've found out. Next time look around and gather more info before you decide to experiment


    <edit> because I'm normally helpful.... look at this URL... it might be of use... doubt it but you never know....

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    Hey guys its alpa .... Thankx -Cross- for takeing my back ... my opinion is this ...If you see a post "need some code to hack my cell phone" and you think that there going to do something ileagl "dont post" .. But if its a tech question , or a simple question please post ... My true perpose is "knowlage is power" thankx for all the post ...... Very helpful you guys ... Thankx -Alpa

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    Hyperthread, you should really check out exactly what something does before playing with it..

    this may only work on the 2160 but you can give it a go depending on how desperate you are...

    1. Turn on the phone and enter programming access code (*#639#)

    2. Enter the 10 digit area code and phone number and press the 'send' key (or the 'OK' soft key in display)

    3. Enter system ID code (SID) supplied by cellular service provider (1-5 digit SID) and press the 'send' (or 'OK' ) key.

    *Optional settings are language and lock code (see below)

    *Programming is completed

    if that doesnt work you can get more info HERE (<--by the way this info was taken from here)

    Good luck...

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    Thanks much Oblivious/Zonewalker. It's been fixed.

    And I dont know who this person is, No need to be cruel and nasty.
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    fone model # nokia 5190i with a criket service provider (cough POS)

    Here is some codes that i have used. they will allow you to get into the inner depths of the fone. I am missing 1 code and that is the master overide or something like that if you have it let me know


    1 of these codes access all of the fones serialnumber and stuff like that. The other one will allow you to get in fairly far and run field tests and other cool stuff.

    I do not reccomend tampering with your phone cause it may just result in a paper weight instead of a celluar communications device.

    Just remember Master code fixes all and i do not have it
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    I wonder...mmh yeah mmm,what does FAQ's really mean?Read and I stress readdddddddddddddd the frequently asked questions and you might get somewhere!!!!!!!!!
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    Hey its me . Well I am kinda new to this cell phone deal . Like can you guys give a reson why you would want to program a phone , and the benafits .... I understand the cloneing side .... One time I heard about this guy makeing a radar datector out of his phone ......? But keep the post alive ....... right now I have to many projects going on ....... 1st is cell phone ... The other Adwear and Spywear ...... Trying to fine a way to end this problem .... But i thinks its going to be a long road , _thankx


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