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Thread: ISDN question

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    ISDN question

    Can anyone help me, i have an ISDN line, and i was wondering how open i am to attacks, do i need a firewall? etc, can someone help

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    It depends on if you plan on keeping your PC on and connected. Most people with ISDN connections will leave their PC on and connected. If this is the case you definately need a firewall to protect yourself.
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    Well, Its always good to have a Firewall no matter what the connection. That way you can see whats coming in and going out. Do you have a 'terminal adapter', a router, or two shot gunned modems?I would suggest a router. A Netgear or a Cisco even. ISDN routers are available, but you dont hear alot about them due to the inefficient costs involved with ISDN. With the router and the firewall you should be able to take care of any attacking packet coming your way.
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    Hello Daedalus2100,

    Indeed its always good to be behind a firewall if the computer has any kind of connection to any other network. A firewall is something that controls access to and from your computer by filtering out the packet protocols, the destination and the source ips aswell as ports. Depending on the rules of your firewall, it reacts towards the packets in the way that you have specified. But always keep in mind that by just putting up a firewall your not safe. A firewall is a small part of security, but there still is more to it. Depending on what you would like to give access to the internet, make sure its a secure application and that it is always upto date.

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    Thanks for the advice, well i dont leave it connected all day, cause we have to pay for the calls and monthly rental, its a bit of a rip,but it runs fast and anyway my father is paying for it.
    Also has anyone ever heard of 'The Cleaner' its a trojan/virus scanner i was wondering what you think of it.

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