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Thread: Tech support Follies

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    Tech support Follies

    One of our tech support guys here at SuperMac got a call from a mid-level government official in Trinidad. It seemed there was a coup attempt in progress at that moment. However, there was a combination lock on the door to the armory. Of the people in the capitol city that day, only the Chief of the Capitol Guard and the Chief Armorer knew the combination to the lock, and they had been killed. The combination is stored in a Macintosh file but the file has been encrypted with a SuperMac product called Sentinel. Was there any chance that there was a "back door" to the application, so they could get the combination, open the armory door, and defend the Capitol building and the legitimately elected government of Trinidad against the insurgents? All the while he is asking this in a very calm voice, there is the sound of gunfire in the background. After some scrambling, the tech support guy told the official that aside from trying to guess the password, there was no way through Sentinel, and that they'd be better off trying to destroy the lock. The official was very polite, thanked him for the effort, and hung up. That night, the legitimate government of Trinidad fell. One of the BBC reporters mentioned that the casualties seemed heaviest in the capitol, where for some reason, there seemed to be little return fire from the government forces. Yes, they shouldn't have kept the combination in so precarious a fashion. But it does put a lot more perspective on "I can't fix my mail server" complaints, does it not?

    someone please tell me this is BS... that's just too much. HAHA
    also, is there a way to break sentinal encryption? I know it's a little late for trinidad, but it might be fun to know when retelling this story to your friends.
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    To my knowledge this is just a joke. I'm not 100% sure but I did read about why/ that it was a hoax It has been around for a while, but I think it is really funny. I'm pretty sure it is false, though.

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    i dont know if its true or not but im a newbie and i could prolly crack....not quick enough for anyone being shot at but eventually... and also thats what they get for running macs....shoulda been running linux
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