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Thread: insert a *.exe in html file

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    insert a *.exe in html file

    "We are delighted to learn that the original self-executing html file,
    from June 1 2002 is now fixed with the most current of the many
    patches for the Internet Explorer series of browsers. See:


    The following file is an html file comprising both scripting and an
    executable [*.exe].

    We inject scripting and an executable into the html file which is
    designed to point back to the executable in the html file and execute it. Provided the html file is an html file, Internet Explorer 5.5 and
    6.0 will execute it.

    Because it is an html file proper, Internet Explorer opens it. The
    scripting inside is then parsed and fired. That scripting is pointing
    back to the same executable file with our original codebase object
    from the year 2000 and because it is a self-executing html file, it
    executes !

    Tested IE5.5 and IE6. Fully self-contained harmless *.exe:

    Be aware of html files out there.

    Key Words: Trust it's Worthy so Think it's Tank silly obvious


    how translate the exe in base64 code? with a program ? scripts ?

    best regards.

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    Microsoft has already released a patch for this vulnerability.
    It can be found here:
    Have you filled out an ID-10-T or PEBKAK form lately?

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    Nice work of both of you.

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    doxical:: There´s a way to do it, quite easy. Use the (surprise) base64 program
    There´s a link to an *nix version and a windows one.

    Found in a diary:
    \".... and yes, since i am a l337 hax0r, i am also using vi to write this. ^[[D^[[B^ exit ^X^C quit :x :wq dang it :w:w:w :x ^C^C^Z^D\"

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    good stuff

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    Thanks ii-monk
    Have you filled out an ID-10-T or PEBKAK form lately?

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