I know this sounds unlikely but I do have a genuine reason for a piece of vba to access the inbox of my user base.

Unfortunately I can't find a way of bypassing the pop up asking the users premission.

I know this is bordering on viral teritory but I am desperate.

To let you understand.

I thought the Exchange database could grow to 16gigs. It can't. It can only grow to Exchange datastore + Exchange Streaming File = 16 Gigs

I hear you all say.

My Macro so far empties out the users inbox to an external folder but requires them to give permision.

Since this is going to be run at login its impossible to expect the users to click it.

Any Ideas of

a. How to disable outlook security for this task. If anyone wants to message me rather than posting it may be wise.

b. MAPI info or vb code to access inbox etc would be great.