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Thread: my rant

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    my rant

    this has been Bothering me for a while, i guess ill post and see what your
    opinions are on it.

    Ok, this hole war thing, is really bothering me, it started out with attacks on
    buildings here...What is this World coming to? We are supposed to be a loving
    and intelligent
    but everytime i read the paper or watch the news, all i see is war, why? I dont
    understand, if you have a problem with someone, talk it out, dont send people to

    destroy buildings
    and kill innocent people and then the retaliation? send troops there and kill
    innocent people that have nothing to do with what happened, thats horrible, I
    dont see a point in
    all this, i think Slayer said it best "The sport is War total War, its not a
    training its not a drill, its how many people i can kill!"
    thats about what a War is to me, have people forgot that they have a mouth? what

    the hell do you need a gun for? just once id like to turn on the news and not
    see something
    worse than all of my 89 horror movies combined on TV, and everytime we have a
    war the media jumps all over it so we can sit at home and watch people destroy
    each other, thats
    bullshit, then when some kid getting bullied brings a gun to school and starts
    killing people, the media turns around and points fingers and Manson and other
    artists and says
    there lyrics made them do it....hmmm that coverage showing innocent people being

    killed didnt have anything to do with it at all now did it. and whats all this
    for? Oil, if you
    dont think so then why would they say "dont destroy oil feilds"

    You know as far as science has gotten, youd think they could make synthetic oil
    by now, they seem to have no problem at all playing God and making human clones
    wich in my opinion
    is a buncha ****, people have no right being up in God's business and seeing how

    life works, scientists really piss me off sometimes, how nosey can you be? i
    mean what would make
    you wanna clone someone? "ohhhh we could use the clones as organ donars" ummm
    yea, right, if i needed an organ ill be sure as hell not taking one from
    something another human made
    like that, the only reason computers give us problems is because people made
    them, a machine cant be perfect when theres no way the people that programmed it

    are, thats why we
    have computer problems, it isnt because the machine is stupid, no the machine
    isnt stupid, its doing as it was told in programmed intrsuctions, nothing more
    nothing less, yet
    people will still point there fingers everytime somethings wrong, oh the computer

    screwed up"
    No it didnt, the person that made it screwed up, the computer cant think, wich
    is why even though they are millions of times faster, theyll never succeed, well of

    course theres the
    other scientists that piss me off that work on AI, What gives you a right to
    create a thinking machine? you know i collect horror movies and people say there
    stupid or nothing but
    violence and gore, but the people that say this, are usually the ones that are
    to stupid to read between the lines, for example one of the things you can learn

    from horror, Dawn
    of the Dead and Day of the dead by the MAN George Romero, Dawn of the Dead has a

    saying "when theres no more room in hell, The dead will walk the Earth....seems
    pretty honest to
    me, if hell fills up because of all the bad people we will be taught a lesson,
    Wich was part of Day of the Dead, the one man in there says "Maybe we are
    experiancing this because
    God is teaching us a lesson, we are messin with his stuff and we got into things

    that were to big for our britches" am i the only one that sees that has truth to

    it? look around
    you, people are trying to create human beings in an unnatural way, and then of
    course the War, what a nice way of saying were the smartest race alive, lets
    destroy ourselves,
    theres enough weapons to destroy the earth....that bothers me beyond what i
    could type. Animals people think are stupid like for example a donkey, people call
    it an ass, well at
    least its not plotting how to destroy anyone...i dont think, is it just me or is

    it true that if stupidity hurt Morphine would be over the counter in 3 hours
    because people dont
    know when to say stop, its annoying that a scientist can create another human
    being but cant create oil or something to help with the problems in the
    world...I'v heard a million
    times how computers and the computer people are the reason there are so many
    problems....hmmm i dont think we ever started a war, and were not playing
    around making things with
    3 asses and 5 noses just "because we can".

    Now, this is just my opinion on things bothering me, so if anyone has this huge
    problem with something i said lets keep our language happy ok? actually...
    nevermind, im against
    censorship of any kind so say exactly what you feel, but im really curiouse what

    you all think of this, it bothers me that people with that many degrees can be
    so stupid, i think
    im gunna work on a fountain of smart, hell with youth we need something for the
    idiots of the world that for some reason have no problem blowing up a bus of
    small children or
    kiling people that havent done anything to them, i mean come one, even jack the
    Ripper had a reason, he killed prostitutes, woman that had a price on there
    dignity, but what do
    people today kill for? Oil, Money, Pride, and "because im right and your wrong"
    bullshit, hmm, we all know my feelings about drug laws already, back when Jack
    the ripper was
    around, Opium was legal, you werent gunna be sitting in jail for relaxing,
    everyone says drugs are the reason countries have problems....hmmmm lets see,
    what was the last report
    on violence? i do believe america led the world in violent crimes...ok now to
    amsterdam, they have laws on drugs but nothing like the US, your allowed to have

    drugs on you and do
    them, here, youd be jailed for the same thing, whats there crime rate compared
    to ours again? ohhhh yea not even half if i remember correctly.

    the reason people here are killed over drugs? oh yea thats because there against

    the law, think about prohibition, people were killed over alcohol, the Mob had
    total control with
    it basically and then people "just drank anyway" so they took it away, a strange

    fact i found while watching the history channel you wont see in your history
    book, when the
    president did away with prohibition, he was the first person to make a cocktail
    after he signed the paper, hmm people do drugs regaurdless of the law, why do we

    still put people
    in cells for smoking a bowl or having Opium on them? ohhhh its addictive!!!!! oh
    no!!!! nothing else is that addictive right? hahahaha yea right, Caffiene is
    more addictive and
    also, you could overdose and die from coffee before you could pot, im not saying

    lets fill the streets with people trippin on LSD or all coked up, no, see i know

    those are
    bad....well sorta, some people react ok to acid, i know alot of people that have

    done it with no problems at all, but there are those who are dumb about it, and
    coke? well, what
    do you think they give you in the hospitol when you have eye surgury done?
    yea thats right cocain, and its not like the Presidents never done that either
    huh, and the last one
    liked pot, and dont get me started how many of our forefathers that started this

    country did opium, **** id be typing all day, Winston churchill smoked opium in
    college, Thomas
    Jefferson (THE FIRST Punk rocker....he said we need a revolution every hundred
    years just to shake **** up, now thats punk rock!!!!! lol) anyway, Thomas J
    grew opium in his
    garden, oh also, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, hmm what kinda paper is
    it written on? lets see, oh yea HEMP PAPER, so why all the cells getting filled

    over Opium and
    Pot? hmm, maybe we wouldnt have so many problems in the world if people wernt so

    anti drug all the time, think about it, have you ever heard someone smoking a
    bowl and beating
    there wife and kids? no, but a father getting drunk and coming home and beating
    his wife and kids is almost a daily event, My friends brother told his DR he
    smokes pot, his DR
    said, keep doing it, if you stop youll prolly go nuts, hmmm, oh and those damned

    truth commercials, oh man, dont get me started, every damn thing they use
    against pot, would be
    the same against alcohol, you notice how they never have opium in that? yea
    because they cant come up with enough bad things to put in a commercial, i love
    argueing about drug
    laws, if only i could challenge the people that have the power the legalize
    opium again (it was legal untill the 1940s....you can thank opium for our
    railroads) to a discussion,
    if i win the arguement, opium becomes legal, if i lose....ha, lol i dont think i

    would, theres seriously not many bad side effects to opium, besides its being
    addictive, wich is
    like stupid, lots of things are addictive, but there legal....well, anyway i
    guess ill finish this up, id like to hear your opinons on this. so please, let
    me know how you feel,
    by the way, im not trying to offend anyone, and im not trying to start a war or
    a flame war about anything, so lets keep are minds open and our thoughts
    posotive ok?

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    Whoa man. You have some issues. Do you actually know whats going on around this world? You think buildings here being blown was the start of this whole war? Dig a little deaper. People just don't fly planes into buildings to start wars. People love to rant about war being bad and all this, well I agree war is bad, but sometimes the alternate is even worse. Instead of saying how bad war is, give a well thought out alternative to war. Leave Saddam in power - no. Let the "inspections" continue, OK, how much longer? Its been 12 years! They are scientist, not detectives. The whole reason they are there is for the Iraqi government to show them how they disposd of the weapons they had, not to be jerked around guessing where the weapons are. I'm not all for war, but if other countries in this world would stand up for themselves or not look at thier own personal interest instead of the good of the world, we wouldn't be in this position right now. Police up your own, and the US won't have to do it for you! I know that sounds arrogant, but think about it. Sure the US has made plenty of world issue mistakes, but in most cases they are stepping in because neighboring countries can't settle things themselves.

    As far as the cloning issue. You would not be typing on your computer today if it was not for someones curiosity in electronics. That is what drives the human race. Learning, exploring. If we never had the desire to learn about new things, we would still be living in caves, killing and eating who knows what, and living a very pointless life. Who knows what could come from cloning. If stem cell research could grow a liver that would save my mothers life, you damn well bet I would sign her up to receive one. Thats a quality of life improvement. Think of all the things YOU use on a daily basis that came from scientist research that was probably condemed in thier day.

    I hate to sound negative towards you, but I would really hate to be you. You sound like a very angry person.

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    i am a very angry person.

    anyway, i use a computer a lot, but youll notice in my post, computers and electricity i didnt say were bad, i think curiousity can be a good thing, but people shouldnt be curiouse in things they have no right in knowing, listen to a song called "Dont open till Doomsday" by the Misfits, then, go rent or buy the movies Day of the Dead and Dawn of the dead, and maybe Zombie to, they are great movies that have a good point.

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    War Sucks.
    People in general are sheep, and will follow wot ever the rumors say.
    War Sucks.
    We are the only living thing on this planet, with the power to make it better, and we don't.
    War Sucks.
    Wa are the oly living thing on this planet to kill each other over stupid things (i.e: Snowball?!!)
    War Sucks.
    Um...I'm running out of things to rant about....
    War sucks.

    Ok, that was my rant.....Just though Id be a sheep and follow

    - Noia
    With all the subtlety of an artillery barrage / Follow blindly, for the true path is sketchy at best. .:Bring OS X to x86!:.
    Og ingen kan minnast dei linne drag i dronningas andlet den fagre dag Då landet her kvilte i heilag fred og alle hadde kjærleik å elske med.

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    well this war is the resulst of the cold war. The US hated russia som much that when the afgan people were at war with russia the US trained Bin Ladin and his men to kill the russian that we hated so much. then when we hated iran we trained and armed the iraqi army headed by husain to kill them. then when we started to dislike hussain we decided that we could get the iranians to kill the iraqis. then after all that blood has been spilled. someone realized that the us has the bigest army cause it does not use it unless it really has to. in the war following 9/11 we employed the afgan tribes to fight against the taliban. now that the us has pissed off 95% of the world we have to do it ourselves in iraq. and that is how you have todays situation.
    God save the President and his fascist regime!

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    Originally posted here by MrBert
    well this war is the resulst of the cold war
    Wrong answer man. The causes of this war go further back than that. England screwed all kinds of stuff up a century ago when they divided the middle east up with map lines that paid no heed to ethnicity or religion (where do you think Kuwait came from in the first place?). We, the United States, then spent the next hundred years screwing it up further with a foriegn policy that had nothing to do with the interests of US citizens (or citizens of any country for that matter) and EVERYTHING to do with the interests of BIG BUSINESS. Unfortunately this trend will continue until our country enacts election reform laws that take the power away from corporations and put it back in the hands of the people where it belongs. I hope to live to see that day, but I doubt that I will because there are very few politicians with the kahunas to stand up for election reform....to dissent from the current power structure would most likely bring about immediate political death.

    It's not a Democrat thing, it's not a Republican thing.....it's a greed thing pure and simple.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    I agree with allenb1963,
    A lot of the roots of conficts did come out of the splits up of the decolonistaion process, look at the indochina area with vietnam, laos, cambodgia.... they were all old french colonies, the problems in africa only results from different ethnic people put together on paper because it was convienient for the colonial power.
    We know what happened in south asia, what is happeneing in the middle east, can it be possible to prevent the same form happening again in africa ?
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    Killing someone because of a snowball... And it actually happened in the Netherlands.
    Double Dutch

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    Shameless plug

    I have the site for you. It's called Aspectus. It's run by JD Frazer, the guy behind User Friendly and it is a small community of people who generally have intelligent discussions about life, the universe and everything. (Sorry Doug Adams). The impending spectre of war is quite the hot topic over there right now. If you are interested in a free exchange of view points, from all sides of the spectrum, you should check it out.

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    And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?
    And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.
    And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou ********* not eat?
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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