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Thread: couple Apple questions

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    couple Apple questions

    I have never been a Mac user, never used Mac OSX, but hearing that it is unix based really interested me in becoming a Mac user, although prices always make me think twice. My question is: Mac OS X allows to run purely command line??

    Also I have looked in apple´s site for detailed info about the iPod and couldn't answer my question, does anyone know if it can store any type of file like a hd or just mp3??? Now that its available for windows it will be amazing to be able to carry a 10 GB hd in your pocket! Just for mp3 its too expensive but if it can be used for any type of files its a good investment.

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    To answer part of your questions regarding the Ipod. The Ipod can carry any type of file. They had an article in Wired a while back reporting about how people were using the IPod to steal programs off of Macs in the stores.
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    OS X has both command line and graphic interface.
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    I never been a mac user but to answer ur question i had a look on the system of a friend of mine who have mac and he seems to have a large hd ore than 10GB as i saw..
    also in an ad i saw a poweribook(a protable mac my dear) or something like that.. with g4@1ghz and a large hd.. but's it's enough hard to manipulate in the begening..
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