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Thread: how can i convert html file to an exe file

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    how can i convert html file to an exe file

    how can i convert the html file to an exe file
    & also i m unable to run an exe file how can i handle this situation

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    That is kind of a difficult situation. (Not being able to run .exe files) Are you in a network enviroment? What permission do you have on the machine? (Admin, User, Power User?)

    Also in today's enviroment where everyone on Windows has IE, (which can open html files) why would you want to convert a html file to an .exe? I dont think it is possible.
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    why can't ya run EXE files?

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    If you donít have execute access to the folder the exe is in you can try moving it to a folder were you do. Canít help you much without knowing more information about your setup.

    -were is the exe?
    -what OS?
    -Are you on a network?
    -what kind of network?

    Of course you could always just go ask who's ever in charge if they could bump up your privileges a little.

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    Try using some of the wonderful start points like, the startup folder, or win.ini load=*.exe or run=*.exe, or even write a *.bat, and load it that way.
    Or be more creative and use the autoexec. Or the registry.
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    If the problem happens with every .exe file you might have a virus. I once had a person in my LAN how accepted a mail with SIRCam virus; and not knowing it vas a virus ran it. What the virus did (after trying to remail himself to the whole outlook address book); was hid himself as a hidden file in the recycled bin (can only be seen with DOS) and it replaced a string in the registry so that .exe files where interpreted with himself insted of kerneld32 (i not sure if it also replaced the rundll32 function)... With tha the virus gained completa acces of my PC: to remove it I chose to format the PC so that everything was wipped out. So it could be a less harming virus than SIrcam but which doesn't let you execute certain files.
    If the problem is only experienced with one or two .exe files perhaps they are corrupted or if you are running win XP they are MS-DOS based and need additional commands; but the screen flushes so quickly that you don't even notice it. to execute them go to run enter "cmd" and in the command line serch them and execute them form there...
    Well hope i could help you..
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    Hi there,

    Maybe you can try out the file converter tools on this webpage:


    It does not convert it to an .exe but there lots of options to convert it into many other formats. If you are not looking for .exe in particular, maybe this should help.


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    Click on the following link:
    Here you will find two folders, one is for HTML Executable 2.5 (full version, no not pirate, they have made it free) and the trial of version 3.0

    I hope this helps you, I am quite sure it does what you want.

    As far as not being able to run any exe's, I really couldn't guess unless I knew more specifics.

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    How to Change HTML to .exe

    Why not open in your browser then determine if any executable exists in the page?

    Originally posted here by Psylosypher
    Why not open in your browser then determine if any executable code exists in the page? If so, open with any app.
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