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Thread: Exporting address book from Outlook

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    Exporting address book from Outlook

    I'm curious where the addresses within Outlook are stored in Windows 98 and what extensions they would use. I'm trying to import my address book from Outlook into a software program called Unimessage Pro but in the process I need to browse where the addresses are stored and I can not seem to find them. Let me know if anybody needs more info. Thanks...

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    Personal Address Book will be a .PAB File. Most likely it will be Outlook.pab. You might also have personal folders you would like to export as well, these are extension .pst . You should just be able to copy them over to your new computer. Go into controll panel, mail options, and point it to your PAB and add your personal folders there. If you need help, ask away!
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    From Outlook you can also go to File, Import and Export. This will start a wizard that will allow you to export your contacts to several different file formats.
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