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    Recovery trouble

    I'm in a deep trouble.
    I got a pc which "used" to have installed Windows XP.
    Some file got corrupted and the system didnt boot again.
    The pc has a 40 GB Hd, 4 partitions, i put it as a slave in another pc to transfer the files form 1 to another, but it gets slowly(the pc), and I dont see the las 2 partitions.
    I've done everything at hand to try to recover the files, but it keeps showing errors and errors.
    SO, i dont know what to do, to recover that data.
    Can anyone help me? I really need to get taht info back.

    Sorry, the capacity of the HD is 80 GB not 40.
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    The 2nd PC isn't recognizing the drive properly. It's probably a BIOS issue.
    Go in to setup and see if there is a way to change the protocol being
    used to define and access the disk. Don't try to write to the drive
    until the computer recognizes it the same way the first PC did,
    or you will corrupt the file system.
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    The 2nd Pc is recognizing the drive perfectly, it doesn't seem to be the problem.
    When I go to the BIOS it recognizes it just fine.
    The problem is when the system tries to boot W XP form the other HD, it says it has to check the integrity for errors.
    I dont know what could it be....
    \"The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm...

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