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Thread: *moved* Hussein/Rather interview

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    Hussein/Rather interview

    What did you guys think of this?

    i can see why the iraqi people like him tho, hussein is a charismatic guy, like clinton, people like him, he's just better at controlling the media and therefore can get away with murder. I can see why he wants to debate bush, too, he is a world class debator, bush is terrible at public speech. also, i hope he is not seriously dumb enough to think he ever stood a chance against the fiercest military presence in the history of mankind. and another thing, noone is claiming iraq is aggressive toward the US. Hussein's not that dumb, but i think he is a victim of his own image, he is portrayed to his people as a fearless warrior to lead his country against the infidel, if he backs down, he'll fall victim to his own people
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    I think he tried to make himself sound like a good peacefull guy. No matter what Saddam could say, the sole fact that he said himself that he and his people have always wanted peace, yet he loves to murder thousands of people, and give his sons a birthday present of 9 millimeteres and two prisoners in a locked room, well, 'nuff said.

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    Husein is a dictactor. and iraq will not be a good country without his leader. and his ppl trust him , whatever he said and whateever he did, his ppl will obey his command without any questions. But husein is not a really a bad guy. he just want to protect his own country. I hope bush will not do a bad thing to iraq. i am not husein ppl or bush ppl , i hate war and i don't want ppl die becoz of their vision and ambission. live in peace is really great and i hope they can realized what had they did .

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    Why don't you hope SoDamn Insane doesn't do a bad thing? Why is the onus, all of a sudden, on the U.S.?

    Living in peace is a great thing, but just because you want something doesn't mean you'll get it.
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    gees i didnt know he wasnt defeated in desert storm...he was just advancing to the rear real fast because he didn't want to offend the world community. When he said "We will die rather than surrender..." i could almost hear his people whispering "what do you mean we booze hound?"
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