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    Free Online Course

    Hey all,

    I have found the following link that has a free online course dealing with the Internet, TCP/IP, DNS etc...

    This Programmed Instruction Course is targeted at the technically literate reader, who lacks a good understanding of how the Internet works, but wants to learn. This is not a end user course, but rather an engineering course. If you complete the course, you'll not get a CNE certificate, but perhaps a congratulatory email from me, and more importantly a decent understanding of how this amazing technology works.
    Hope that someone gets some enjoyment and knowledge out of it...

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    Seems like an interesting read particularly for newbies.


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    Nice site. I dig the cheesy graphics, too. So retro. Great info though, seriously.
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    well thanks for inforemation

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    Bugger! There goes another day of studying OO Software Development!

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    Thanks SoggyBottom, this is what I have been looking for. I'm a completley new to DNS and have been wanting to have more of an understanding of it. This should help me and other newbies a lot. Thanks
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    Thank u so much!
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