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Thread: [0x00] What is ircs ?

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    [0x00] What is ircs ?


    [0x00] What is ircs ?

    Ircsnet is a communication network based on
    irc-technologie combined with the SSL crypto standart.

    All ircs-servers are linked via ipsec. No uncrypted
    data travels between the servers or the clients.

    User can connect with an anonymous domain nick@somewhere
    to ensure his right on anonymity and privacy.

    No user is forced to use a cleartext
    authentification protocol like auth/identd.

    There is no connection limit per user or host.
    IRC can be a dangerous place
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    yes, i beleive that irc is the most unsecure way of communication. but thats just my opinion
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