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    i ought a tv tuner recently "pinnacle",i came to know that tuners damage the computer..is this true..and i would like to know that which part of the computer gets damaged if it counts..pl reply soon

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    Personally I don't know what you are talking about, how a TV tuner itself could damage a computer???? I have had three TV tuners in the same computer, I bought an ATI, which I hate (that's a whole other post though), then I got a WinTV tuner card, which works fine still... but I went out and got an MSI card so that I could have a remote and be able to display my TV over the Internet (I had extra money and thought it would be cool to do, still can't get that part of it to work). So from my standpoint I would have to say no, they don't damage a computer themselves.

    Now if you are talking maybe if there is an electrical storm and the cable poll gets zapped and a surge came through the TV cable right into the card into your computer, then something could get damaged other than just the TV tuner card itself. Though they have surge protectors for that, just like they do for your power, phone lines, even ethernet cables anymore. So it would be just the same thing as if you didn't have a surge protector on your power cord to your computer, or between your phoneline and a modem, or a cable modem that is hooked through your computer via an ehternet cable.

    I tried searching the Internet to find any problems with any "pinnacle tv tuner" devices, but didn't find anything besides the usual driver problem and such. Maybe you could give a little more detail on where you found/heard about this "problem" with the type of TV turner card you got/thinking of getting?
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