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Thread: serious trouble

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    serious trouble

    i got a big problem------- when ever i create a folder in my pc there is one hidden folder created of 5 mb named as "yours"i dont know now what to do ,is this any kind of virus or a hardware or software problem,can u master minds get me out of this
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    First step, get the latest DAT files for your AV program, do a full scan of your system. If you do not have an AV program, buy or download one. This has been discussed many times in the forums, so do a search and read what other AO members have said about certain AV programs. Clean your system of any viruses that you find. Do that and then see where you stand...
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    Just do a virus and trojan scan on your box and you'll find out if you are in fact infected.
    Have u tried deleting the folder or looking at the folder properties?

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