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    Unhappy Goodbye, Good Neighbor

    Greetings All:

    I awoke to sad news today. A dear friend to many children, and to those of us that once were children, died in Pittsburgh today, Mr. Fred Rogers.

    He was indeed a treasure to all of humanity, and I for one, would like to thank him for helping me to become the person that I am today......

    Mr. Rogers talking about himself:

    "I have really never considered myself a TV star. I always thought I was a neighbor who just came in for a visit."

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    I grew up watching Mr. Rogers, so did my dad, he is by far the longest running children's show ever. I was also saddened by the news, I think we all owe a little of who we are to Mr. Rogers.
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    Yeah it's a sad fact to hear about! I myself have not watched that show in many years, but you still bring it up in daily conversations about childhood memories, or talking about today's children. Mr. Rogers was a big icon and I think a very good role model! No one will ever be able to replace him!
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    Its amazing how many people he reached. I used to watch Mr Rogers neighborhood all the time as a kid. Its sad that he has passed away.
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    omg, that's horrible, i too grew up watching mr. rogers- was one of my fav.
    this is indeed sad news, we all morn...

    mr. rogers also served bravely for the us armed forces+

    the show it'self was amazing, not many characters on tv educated us as much as he did+ it is truly a great loss.

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    It's sad that there aren't shows like his anymore, and there may never be again. Shows that teach kids to just be kind and good. None of the flashy garbage, no cartoons killing each other, no fighting, just people being good to one another.
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    Yeah, I doubt we'll see a show like his again. He will definitely be remembered, and missed.
    Goodbye Mr. Rogers.

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    Yes, it is sad I loved Mr. Rogers.

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    "There goes the neighborhood!"

    Take care Mr Rogers.
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    I was taken by surprise by my sons reaction today. He was much more emotional than I thought he would be, and I didn't really know what to tell him. I was talking to JP in IRC about it and he had a good link from PBS that has some suggestions on how to talk to your child about it and help them understand and grieve. I found it helpful and thought that some of you might also.


    Thanks JP

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