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Thread: Computer Recognition - the future

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    Computer Recognition - the future

    I was just at a technology session discussing various methods and tools for authentication. This included biometrics, smart cards, one-time generators and the like. The reason for this session was to:

    > reduce the number of passwords everyone has to use
    > increase security for overall network and users

    One of the presenters was from the Gartner group and stated various technologies are already out the door (like passwords) to be replaced by biometrics, smart cards (tokens) and something called Liberty which he did not fully explain and got ran over on the Q&A

    I am wondering however what others in general, are seeing/deploying out there?

    I am also wondering that if we are having a hard time just getting people to use strong passwords on their accounts, how much harder or effective would it be to have a thumb print reader attached to a system?

    Are biometrics the future over passwords?

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    IMO: Doubt it, first off, if your talking about computers, no way. If I wanted to access something accross the web, lets say I have a scanner to take my thumb print. Why couldn't I just fake the data sent for verifacation? It seems like a viable solution for replacing "In Person" Checks, but not for over the i-net. I think people just need to make stronger passwords in general and get in the habbit of changing them occasionaly.
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