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    Question The stuff people throw away

    A few months ago, I came across a box that someone had left outside a house in our street, just dumped along with the trash (It was raining so I figured they really didn't want it, that and the fact that the monitor was sitting in the trash can!). I took it home and a few weeks ago, I fired it up. It's a Dell Optiplex GX1 with a PII 333, 320 Mb and 15+6 gig drives: chassis serial number NMHT9. Thing is, it doesn't have the 'expansion card cage' with which it was fitted. I've tried to find one, but have so far drawn a blank. So this is a long shot - does anyone know of an expansion card cage for said pc that just happens to be kicking around?!

    It came with a 3Com 3C918 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3C905B-TX Compatible) network interface, so I can link it to my current box, but only using a CAT 5 crossover cable. Whenever I try to connect using my Netgear EN104TP hub, it doesn't want to play! This, despite using the correct cabling. So, I'd like to try another NIC, but can't because there's no expansion card cage in which to fix one. I'm happy to pay for a cage and for postage. The Dell is running Win 2k Advanced Server - perhaps there is a simpler way to fix this problem?

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    Check Ebay. I wouldn't be surprised if you find one there.

    Amazing what you can find eh? The latest issue of 2600 had an interesting and similar story but for a more massive box. Now I can't find the issue of course. =P
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    I check Ebay fairly regularly - Interesting paradox huh!
    Thank MsMittens

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    Talking I have what you need !


    I have all the parts you just asked about.

    Give me a shout by e-mail and we can discuss price for posting.

    Lucky you.

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    You know.. I have found "Junk" fixed it up (reformated HDD or mated with a working monitor, new Mem, HDD etc) Sold it, that has paid for some of my toys.. and some of the Junk is helping out at a local "Refuge" .. Thank god it is someones junk..

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    hehe, i wondered what the topic was about....but anyways heres my tit bit.

    if your driving down the freeway at 100Kmh and we saw a box, we would stop and reverse the 800m to find out what was in it :P

    but my advice to you is to check ebay,

    haha, you could find an odd pair of socks and one old shoe on ebay if you wanted to :P
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