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Thread: What is a good magazine to read that deals with Computer Security?

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    What is a good magazine to read that deals with Computer Security?

    what do you guys think are some good magazines to read that deal with computer security. 2600 Magazine seems like a good one. I might go with that. any others?

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    You know. For print mags, that's probably the nicest read. There is a mag called Information Security, which you can find here and COMPSEC.

    What I find is that many of the other non-2600 magazines read like advertisements rather than information about vulnerabilities or how to setup security.
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    I read Information Security too. I also read CSO magazine. I prefer CSO. I also (of course) check out 2600 and phrack to see what I can expect to be hitting my firewalls. Know thy enemy type of stuff.

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    While "Smart Computing" ( www.smartcomputing.com ) is geared more towards the beginner and average pc user, I have yet to read an issue where it hasn't taught me something new. I would recommend that magazine to anyone. **No, I don't work for them **
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    Also http://neworder.box.sk/ and http://blacksun.box.sk/books.html have a wealth of information to read thru too... have at it.
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    And now back the show....... 2600, phrack, CSO, and Information Security are great. Might I suggest a book? 'Information Security and Warfare' by Dorothy Dennehey (spelling?) She's one scary, smart person and the information found within can only help you understand how information can be used for, as well as, against you.

    Philosophy is just as important as fact when it comes to securing information. A solid philosophy can lead you down the correct path if information is lacking.
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    The Counterpane Cryptogram is extraordinarily useful


    you'll find that the focus is usually on cryptography but there is a wealth of information to be learned about security in general. for example, there's a discussion in this month's issue discussing 'Locks and Full Disclosure.' it's about a security attack on the locksmithing community regarding their use of master keys.

    this is not a newbie read and there are several links to graduate level research papers, but it's not purposefully esoteric.

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