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    Question Win2k

    Dudes win 2k has been posing problems again....(been warned over and again not to use M$ i try to access control panel for the 1st time after switching on the machine it generates an error message saying .."windows.explorer has generated errors and will be closed my windiws.U may need to restart the program.An error log is being created."
    When i access the control panel subsequently everything is allright.I think it has something to do with some files my Norton System Works2003 need of help no mood to reinstall again///

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    If you believe that it was Norton that screwed with your system, then does it have an Undo option for the actions that you took? If a log was kept of the steps that Norton took, then maybe you can go back and undo all of that.. My guess is, it wasn't Norton..

    How long has your system been doing this? Any recent installs, uninstalls, other problems that might have been fixed, etc? I'm looking for something that triggered this to happen - finding what triggered may be the key. If indeed that Norton or some other program deleted some required files, an OS reinstall may be your only option..
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    try running "sfc/scannow" from the command prompt (you'll need your install disk)
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