Zonewalker , seem many of us fail to read the full content of many posts, the second is that we suffer fro poor communication skill's .. this i will admit for my self..
I trust that this is not taken as a flame.. but a insite to this snakes underbelly

Any of us post our replies based on our interpretation of the post (or what we read of it).. and our own experiences ... in my case The Australian ISP Scene.. here we have local ISP's on a local dialup and State/NAtional ISP's on a "MegaPOP" dial up.. that is On phone number State or Country Wide.. Your POP could be any where in the state/ country (well in theory) dependent of local system usage.. See I could move across the country.. hmm say to Perth.. I can still use the same dial up number.. same account..
So that is the perspective I am working from.. I think I explained a bit more in my other post..

ok WHAT is the RIP bill.. link for the dumb.. 2tired & 2lazy to search right now