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Thread: Partition crap.

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    Partition crap.

    Ok, I have 2 hard drives. 1 20 Gig with Windows XP and a 70Gig with RedHat 7.3
    I'm running out of space on my 20Gig(200Mb left) and I want to somehow repartition my 70Gig (which has ~65 gigs free) to have 40 Gigs accessable by Windows (in other words partition 40 gigs as Fat32 or NTFS) Is there a program that can do this without messing up my Linux?

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    How many partitions are on the 70 gig drive now?
    If you have free (unpartitioned) space, you may be able to add
    a FAT partition without disrupting anything at all.
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    Um, I don't think I have any free space, I told the setup to use ALL of the free space (all 70 Gigs) is it possible to still do this without distrubing it?

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    Partition Magic
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    Right click on My Computer
    Select Manage
    Go to Storage
    Go to Disk Management

    You should now see a picture of the drives that windows is aware of. In this section you can do all kinds of fun things with disk management. Read up on how XP handles disks and partitions. You will need to upgrade your disks to "dynamic disks" before you can do what you are asking. Again, this is a function of XP and you will need to do this in order to utilize additional disk space. You can join a partition from another disk and make it appear as one disk in XP. This is where you do it.

    Does this make sense?

    Otherwise, you can use a commercial partition product such as partition magic, etc.. It will achieve the same result.

    Hope this helps.
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    ext2 /ext3 is an unknown healthy partition for windows XP =]

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    You could also use the linux disc without partitioning it; to mount it you could use a prog like:
    Disk Image Viewer which mount's ext2 into Win download it form: http://www.softwarium.com/divwin.html
    I think the other possibilities had already been posted so i won't go into them...
    Hope i helped you...
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    ehh... i dunno. if you install a copy of windows with a copy of Linux already installed, it'll probably mess up your MBR and you won't be able to access RH without reinstalling another copy of Linux somewhere on your system.

    i had this problem when i had WinXP, win2k and mandrake on my computer, then added another harddrive and put win2k on it... i couldn't access my mandrake or Winxp installs. i installed another copy of XP on the second hdd, and then i could access the other XP install, but i still can't get Mandrake. i've still gotta find a good ISO of RH 8.0
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