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Thread: Need Help..

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    Need Help..

    I have P-I, 166 MHZ,80MB RAM with 40GB HDD.
    WIN98&WIN 2K are installed on this 40 GB hdd and its working fine.Now i want to install RedHAT 7.1 on a seperate hard disk (2GB).
    How to connect two HDD?? (Newbie here)
    How to install Linux?
    what precautions to be done??
    will it possible to have option of all 3 OS??

    Thanks in advance..
    Be Cool ..

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    if you try to install The Rad Hat .. your windows will automatically make a LILO boot at the first time you turn on the computer. But you should make it sure about the system files. fat 32 ? NTFS ? or Fat 16 ?. if you try to mix both system files. you will not be able to install more OS( i guess ) in one HDD

    I agree with "Black Death" .. nice links mate .. just try it and you will learn something.
    about 3 OS at the same HDD i ever tried ( winXP, Win 2k-pro, NT4 ) i used NTFS as the system files.

    good luck

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    Thanks to both of You..Viruss
    Be Cool ..

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